the perpetuation of tomes

Must you go on, like
This? For dark is rife
Upon; for night is like
This? Must you go on for
Ever? For pulse is knife
Unmet; and thick as mud
Its bite: must you go on?

Miss your trembling beat
Of heart; it rebounds, it’s
Stuck, your beat, your
Heart; miss your trembling
Heat of hearth; it recounts,
It’s bound to knots of leash
Of thread: miss your heat.

Must you miss the ground
Of stone, the link of breath,
The curb of round and stench
And stench? Must you miss
The ground of home, the filial
Bone, the vapid mill of time
Repeating sharp, witty tomes?

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One comment on “the perpetuation of tomes

  1. Hi there!

    Firstly, I wish you a peaceful and sensational New Year ahead. Thank you for supporting my writing the past few months.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I will be moving blogs because I would like to have a stronger focus with my new blog as well to maintain a larger degree of anonymity.

    Instead of ‘TheDailyCognitive’, I have now moved to ‘StrengthoftheSoul’ at this new address:

    If you would still like to receive updates on more of my works, feel free to follow me at my new blog.


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