ballooning of the sun

when red wandered along dust-spoked streets, the orchid 
lamented loss of color as it spun around an axis that 
separated the darkest shade of red from others –  the visible 

dis-unity shook no flower from its root     each knew their 
place in the sun     now ballooning in solitary knowledge of 
starless dreamscapes marking time, marking inkblots of time -

Poet as inkvapor

the ungatekept poem shunned being enclosed -
sun spoke the unencumbered poem before its
spokes were enumerated & circumscribed  -

what did it mean to gatekeep a poem? it meant
worshiping the friend & differentiating the integral
it meant snagging the sung into so many fragments

you could no longer call it song    the new poem has 
the same bark as the oldest tree    soothed with the 
sharpness of water and the roundness of sky, the poem 

meets ink in remembrance, the cord is thrown off its 
moorings & the trail of cordlets form a vapor that 
makes story out of birdsong -

Exigency of water

Take the withered  mountain and try to find its lake whose atoms 
are forever running late    they cannot choose between the exigency 
of water and the posterity of stone    reach of loss equals the reach 
of small equals the hundred wishes that stand with petals & fronds
I catch the passage of these petals & fronds as if it was my name 
carved out in song    as if the algebra of difficulty is measure of frailty
if only finality confirmed origin    would that the child chide sky -

the vial of all beginnings

Past the brittle reed of wonder past the unwrit 
unspelt large of words lies the worn underness 
of warm things     the vial of all beginnings scratches 
dawn and you wake as the snake does to its withered 
skin    if you float a lie on a river will it flow as readily 
as one that made its way to heaven, reborn as scripture?