We traversed a weary distance and we talked


What is taught is the nail   what
is taught by

          being caught in answers   -   will
          the tremors subside or have the 
          chambers of vocality become ice?


"How to solve the riddled
     youth of winter's

              calm?"   Three hours testify to the
                       laughables i) the first has
                       my mercy
                       my calm as collateral ii) time
              being in my pocket, we will see if it holds  iii)
              the thread of your youth has become rasp, metal


If worry became shine
   if life gave the hammer
   its hound   if 

I am wound up in the
   image of your passing
   why would the pin

Of summer hinge on belonging
   why would the years
   sing again of burn?

an ordinary infinity

the rain has tents to perspire in
the kind of tange lime has but
filtered for softness    the
flit of nuance    the bulb of whole

reachables tumulting themselves
into an ordinary infinity
this is but rain    this is but
the fall of kind words    timed

Master Sang Hu said, ‘Have you not heard of the man of Chia who ran away? Lin Hui threw aside his jade emblem worth a thousand pieces of gold, tied his son to his back and hurried away. People asked, “Was it because the boy was worth more? Surely a child isn’t that valuable. Was it because of all the effort required to carry the jade? But surely a child is even more trouble. So why throw away the jade emblem worth a thousand pieces of gold and rush off with the young child on your back?” Lin Hui told them, “It was greed that brought me and the jade emblem together, but it was Heaven that linked my son and me together.”

‘When the ties between people are based upon profit, then when troubles come, people part easily. When people are brought together by Heaven, then when troubles come, they hold together. To hold together or to separate, these are two very different things. The relationship with a nobleman can be as bland as water, that with a mean-spirited person sickly sweet as wine. However, the blandness of the nobleman can develop into affection, but the sweetness of the mean-spirited person develops into revulsion. That which unites for no apparent reason, will fall apart for no apparent reason.’

– The book of Chuang Tsu

Lost poems

Lost poems sing without their withins
Bled poems sing within

Their shunted snouts   without their
Clanged nails and

Whispered burials   within their willed
Shells, the fires of

Tombs & wombs & tentacled orbits
As close as skin


mornglazed eyes
tiptoed dreams and their whys: they

are nearer to us to you to me these
lovetangled ephemera sub-

conscioned into day, brought up
to an interactive tea-pretation

The above is another possible response to Rukeyser’s Song, in a mood quite unlike the earlier one:

The world is full of loss; bring, wind, my love,
         my home is where we make our meeting-place,
         and love whatever I shall touch and read
         within that face.

Lift, wind, my exile from my eyes;
         peace to look, life to listen and confess,
         freedom to find to find to find
         that nakedness.