universal woman

digging up the dregs on universal man
you meet universal woman: a voice of

evening shade in blazing noon, tagging
leaflets of metaphor misused by man

with soft whispers of a loudness that is
yet to; brown days with autumn sky

leafing pages of red history pulp with
rhythms of otters and snakes and

worms charging up chapters of the yet
to; warm dust mingles with moist air.

revilements of the modern

I. creative spillover

The crystal ounce, elliptical presence, hound's sense of
    Smell. Chart of heavens, stargazing nonplussed, wit
    Demure. Prized for winning a loser battle, preambled
    Fit for loss, kill, wishful dining out with warriors.

The creative ouch, devilled absence, hound's sense of
    Smell. Priming each fleck of day-space with night-
    Space. Prized for rhyming a loser battle, preambled
    Fit for kith, kill, wishful dining out with warriors.

The culinary touch, asymmetric semblance, hound's sense of
    Smell. Gilded opprobrious reams of solid waste tucked
    Plush. Prized for arguing a loser battle, preambled
    Fit for puss, kill, wishful dining out with warriors.

II. revilements of the modern
The sea is fitted with an autorecovery mechanistic
valuation, the kind that stocks up the remainder of cults
living wasted lives in the the culled out breadbaskets of
not so much care; the meandering captivations of a riveted
manacled dusty frame of reference; the behoved sabbaths,
the reviled mannequined aftermaths, and the pair of
no-good shibboleths; climbing on to a heady cliff, you will
sink your teeth no further, dunk your hand in fire no more,
cart out lusty syllables from the oracle of inward necessity for
the last time, and practice; so they may cover their faces when
furious; so they may leave their parchments behind when tired;
so they will lift themselves out in a powerless moor of derived
wishdoms when time is right; the lifting of the veil in silence.