poet as act

The poem of the act of the mind

The act of the mind is rest
ful play

bound as if teeming with meander
as if calm

is not even a distant possible

plonks of wordspill litter the

These words have a wilt too

These words have a wilt too their
Barrage of crispness is tone-deaf
To uncertainty; please your bones
And sly your emulsion, to please?

These words have a wilt too overt
In salute, brief in decomposition
Yet by yet by drawn yet; thimbles
Of uncertainty; please your bones

feet of an ism
How can the unfathomable feel the feet
Of an ism? There is

Prophecy, there is flora/anticipation/
Ground of an ition-

How can the plural of forms reign when
The singular is ar?

Libidinous adjuncts to capital sentences
Multiply issively-