Everything is Number

-A perfect number is one whose divisors add up to itself
Pythagoras discovered them
He held numbers in such awe that it is said that he said Everything is Number.

– A slightly imperfect number is one whose divisors add up to one less than itself
Pythagoras discovered them as well
Turns out there are many many slightly imperfect numbers.

– There are no slightly imperfect numbers in the other direction
Where the divisors add up to one more than itself
None have been found to date, yet it has not been proved that none can be found.

– Everything is Number
Pythagoras is reputed to have killed off a member of his secret society
Because he leaked the secret of the irrational number.

– Logic is a knife that will cut you if you are not careful
Others have said this or something similar
An irrational number does not have to be an unreasonable one.