inaction of rhyme

Buddha thought
    the action of time is wiser than the vat of knowing
    that saddened him
And that is ok

Lao Tsu thought
    the inaction of rhyme is timelier than what-not
    he was not sad
And that too is ok

I think
    the Lordessess gave us time to sort it out
    but there is little time
And that is not ok

the grief of the grove

I ring a large scream that every tree
will sing

to the squirrels who shall forget to die
that season –

next year, the undead will carve out
an eagle’s

notes on the heads of the fallen song
& cry & cry –

In the grief of the grove lies
the sullen

bark – take it away and the
sun will

melt your sheen your idea of
tear &

giving birth – the sun as