Look, in the world

The list of the risen sea is fallen
Dough; hark

This moot of all mootships has nulled
Its beak now;


The Seventh Sense – Audre Lorde
who build nations
to love
who build nations
to love
building sand castles
by the rising sea.

Look, in the world – Basavanna
Look, the world, in a swell
of waves, is beating upon my face.

Why should it rise to my heart,
tell me.
O tell me, why is it
rising now to my throat?
how can I tell you anything
when it is risen high
over my head
lord lord
listen to my cries
O lord of the meeting rivers

the offal and the bees

Milk is left over
from the calves.
Water is left over
from the fishes,
flowers from the bees.

How can I worship you,
O Siva, with such offal?
But it's not for me
to despise left-overs,
so take what comes,

lord of the meeting rivers.

(Basavanna; translated by A.K. Ramanujan)

the eke, the partial eke, and naught except,
jumps out from

the river dwindling away resource manage
-ment for

naught; wait a little, friend, say a prayer in
solitude, give

some time, the sting of the sun is about to
nestle in any

time now.