algorithmically impune

Which fragment of geometry is
        soil and which is property?
        Do you have enough plastic
        to wrap it all up?  Do you

Have enough rubber to bounce off
       your impunities, enough metal to
       drill them further into the abysses
       you have dug through millennia?

Whose fire do you use to burn
         down houses? “we don’t really
         have to go down there anymore, 
         we have a button for that..” 

Does your shrapnel seek little 
         Zaynab’s permission before
         entering her heartchamber? “we
         now have algorithms for that..”

the million yous

there are a million yous maybe
         two give or take a half mil
         and there are as many loves

furious selves as many others &
         then a billion or six more
         give or take a half bil & then

there is capital the ladder of poems
         one at the top calling others
         non what about the billion

yous loves selves poems give or
         take a half bil no you say 
         that won’t do thkuverymch-