iii surmises

On silence
– there are no silences, only doors that refuse to open to let the mute sun in
– if silence was certain, doors would be humorless

Each story runs late
the verbs are hassled, thunderous        grammar is a tasseled adjunct to power that refuses to give       tao runs dry but no sooner than the parch soars, new words begin to form as grammar vows blood – the story as parchment & love

A resonant lamp
resounds       distance is three harks away 1. come no further than the eye’s hover 2. seek no earth that claims sky as father 3. while away this distance as you while away your grandmother’s patience

2 comments on “iii surmises

  1. Each story runs late reminds me of a Tunisian film called The Dove’s Lost Collar. It’s brilliant. It’s on Youtube if you care to look it up. Your writing in general reminds me of it actually now that I think about it.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      That is most intriguing. Haven’t yet found the full movie link, only fragments. Interesting too that I have just recently chanced upon Albert Memmi’s work, a Tunisian anti-colonial writer. Will definitely follow up on these tangents. Thank you so much 🙂

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