harmony as apposite

harmony as the opposite of order
  it is verb, (I harmonied
         the planet dry)
  it is past participant, (the
         binged on remembrances)

  ‘harmony, harmony’ makes no sense at all
  ‘order, order’ makes past a perfect fool

  it is not a noun but a pretense of dawn which is a noun
  it is not speech but an imperfection that makes
   the world utter wholenesses
   which is speech

  (try it, ‘harmony, harmony’; makes no sense at all.)

          “The tradesman is alarmed only
          when he smells the spill of the till – his
          currency is currency, which he oils daily with
          order & stain – in the evenings he
          relaxes in the company of dead scrolls -”
– from “The Principles of Order & its Many Sadnesses”
ascribed to sheikh usoolan-fuzool, circa 53rd year of our forgetfulness

2 comments on “harmony as apposite

  1. Munira says:

    Heheh, love it.

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