once i

once i
took to my roots
  they claimed parsimony
  a misspelt patrimony
  a submission to the ordering of the other –

“An abhorrent sentimentality is
  to ardor as angst is to the coffin’s
  thievery” – attributed to the late
          (ir)reverend bhakti seth
          mir fakhr-e-doodhsiyahi, the
          last soothnaysayer of Gujrat.

thrice iii’s

  i. take three handfuls of love & make it grass – i
  flung the grass and love of grass made it whole –
which sun
was born?   ii. lift wind lift chasm of fire lift
  hammer – three voices to know your master, one
anvil to
forge the nail   iii. many warrior faces mark this red
  the ax knows the south as the blood
of leaves
know all of west – east turns clockwise thrice