Poet as genesis

It took an hour
to make song   another hour
for stone        the river
& stone are conjugate verbs
acting together
       to make the verdict of song
       ring true

“I have always had the sense of Armageddon and it was much stronger in those days, the sense of living on the edge of chaos. Not just personally, but on the world level. That we were dying, that we were killing our world — that sense had always been with me. That whatever I was doing, whatever we were doing that was creative and right, functioned to hold us from going over the edge. That this was the most we could do while we constructed some saner future.” – Audre Lorde recalling when she had heard of Martin Luther King’s killing.

the life of grass

The time for loss is in the ifness
    of winter – you die
        as metaphor and relive
        grass –

science as magic by other means
    slip on the garb of
        of winter – you die as
        grass –

mystification as the death of magic
    tear up the will of
        winter – metaphor relives
        grass –

The eightfold ignobilia

View as in look away

Resolve to
    bite into
    immediate banalities with ut-
    most seriousness

Speech that resembles
    tincture & smells of thick

Action with a small ‘a’
    potentialities multiplied into

Livelihood of the other sucked, nay optimized into plushness
    of self

Effort less
    or more – no matter as appearance suffices more
    or less.

Concentration or mindful
    lack of play, the
    boring of self into
    an earthless art –