the loudness of grove

Moan the writ, the
loudness of

grove; moan too the ax
    moan the

bite, the etch of stony bite
    moan the boar’s tide
    its wire

now knotted into age
    moan the tangle
        the breadth of being stared at for worth
        moan the eye that stares for worth moan the etch of stony bite the loudness of grove –

Warm steel goes down with
    sunshine, flows

Like the mildewed mist when
    very little is watered

Very little is softened very little
    is going down warm –

I seek the unforgiving and
am forgiven
The unthankedfor & am given
    the heart of sun
    as friend

I locked stone as angel and
am fire
The ax & the anvil & am given
    the fill of moon
    as friend –