wrinkle song

Wrinkle song, spider sung, my
dark my light

in awe   –   wrinkle sung, mother
song, my feet

as clay as sun   –  dance hence &
thence as now

as when, wrinkle deep this spider
song and weep –

Tangentialized from the story “A New Wrinkle” taken from “Grandmothers of the light: a medicine woman’s sourcebook” by Paula Gunn Allen.

the grief of the grove

I ring a large scream that every tree
will sing

to the squirrels who shall forget to die
that season –

next year, the undead will carve out
an eagle’s

notes on the heads of the fallen song
& cry & cry –

In the grief of the grove lies
the sullen

bark – take it away and the
sun will

melt your sheen your idea of
tear &

giving birth – the sun as