the sharp hindrance of forgetting

I saw grass as brother
it threw the husk
      of dawn & the riddle – I began to speak in broken
      syllable & the river blinked –

the boundaries of the sun have
begun its descent
      slow, feral, full of the red that brought peace to ague &
      power to eye, to limb –

there is a theory of open space
where clouds meet
      kite & how meets the wailing why of happening –
      no sun is closer to my face

than this sun – no buzz of an afterlife
is redeemed by sip of water
      no dream is begun in memory
      the sharp hindrance of forgetting –

11 comments on “the sharp hindrance of forgetting

  1. Munira says:

    This one, I think, has spoken to me like no other!! ❤

  2. I get a lot from your writing, I think on it, and learn a little something new each time you post. Thank you. Daniel

  3. adminclouds says:

    I’m wondering about stanza order. It seems to work differently if 2 moves later in the poem. Although the last line is a lovely last line. Where dreams begin is a big question.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      These were poems written over many days: separate, then combined and edited till it all seemed to fit. So yes, those different movements are most likely due to distinct rhythms made to sit in the same room.

  4. adminclouds says:

    The more I look at it. A great puzzle. Possibles. How wonderful. Funny how process leads to this. I seem to use a single process that ends in a certain way. Maybe I’m writing the same poem over and over. I think this is so.

  5. pscottier says:

    More than a little touch of Emily Dickinson in there, it seems.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      Interesting. Dickinson is one of those poets I have failed to resonate with despite trying a couple of times. Now with this parallel, I am intrigued. Shall attempt again.

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