the sharp hindrance of forgetting

I saw grass as brother
it threw the husk
      of dawn & the riddle – I began to speak in broken
      syllable & the river blinked –

the boundaries of the sun have
begun its descent
      slow, feral, full of the red that brought peace to ague &
      power to eye, to limb –

there is a theory of open space
where clouds meet
      kite & how meets the wailing why of happening –
      no sun is closer to my face

than this sun – no buzz of an afterlife
is redeemed by sip of water
      no dream is begun in memory
      the sharp hindrance of forgetting –

the salt and the spear

The salt and the spear
    to wonder
    to woo to

walk – unshaken the spilt
    wonders too
    who to

call wind as the spear
    wonder, knits
    wood into


Large is the willow’s red – it is sound it is near – how near? as
your reach is bound to wrist to hip, that near – small is the
swollen sea – how small? as your paw is yearn is seen, that small –