the small kali

the small kali whispers a little death
  the orange skin in the morning sows heat the memory of heat & dissolves

this month is not possible as it tires of the motherly yeast, fatherly axe, crumbs of fallen laugh   this month is the apogee of a resisting moondance   it is weary of the sunstory as fillin for snakehead & wolfshine

the small kali can hear the mancloud tremble
  the bronze tint in the morning sows hunger the reason for hunger & dissolves

2 comments on “the small kali

  1. Bhaswati Ghosh says:

    This is Brilliant. Would love to know the backstory of this one.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      glad someone asked 🙂
      here’s one: social justice meets goddess literature
      two: if we are to take audre lorde’s “you cannot use the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house” seriously, and I do, we need to uncover all that has been coopted by the master
      three: tao-te-ching speaks of the eternal feminine and barbara walker in her encyclopaedia lists taoism as the chinese version of goddess worship. I find that very interesting
      four: attempting to get to prepatriarchal pre-bronze-age goddess icons to i) see how all existing mythology/icons are patriarchal cooptions, hence master’s tools and ii) see what can be recovered that is unadulterated care

      Thanks for stopping by Bhaswati.. and asking.

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