Al Arabi plumbing the depths of the lowest of the low seals

Even so is the Cosmos preserved so long as the Perfect Man remains in it.
۱- Did the Perfect Man sleep with the lights off?

… Do you not see that when he shall cease to be present in it?
۲- How to see if the lights are off. How?

… and when the seal [on the treasury] of the lower world is broken, none of what the Reality preserved will endure and all of it will depart
۳- Departing is such sweet sorrow, esp. when the lower world seal is broken.

… each part thereof becoming reunited with every other part, [after which] the whole will be transferred to the Final Abode where Man the Perfect will be the seal forever.
۴- If forever is longer than the Final stretch, will the Abode abide by such elasticity?

Quotations (in bold) from Ibn Arabi‘s Bezel’s of Wisdom

6 comments on “Al Arabi plumbing the depths of the lowest of the low seals

  1. mrsorenson says:

    very funny very cosmic very stretching very stuck curiously.

  2. mrsorenson says:

    Wasn’t it Ibn Arabi?
    I have always objected to the bad translation of FuSuuS as “bezels”. The root fSS has the essential meaning of removing the outer layers to reaveal the inner reality, which is not captured by the later, technical and semantically specific term “bezels”.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      It is. Poetic license I suppose. Maybe the Al spilled over from his Al-Shaykh al-Akbar famed name. You are probably right about the bad translation. Urdu is closer to Hindi than Arabic (most ideologues would differ though; the script is same and that is enough for them), so despite some Arabic courses in university, I have to rely on the English translations, however bad.

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