Al Arabi plumbing the depths of the lowest of the low seals

Even so is the Cosmos preserved so long as the Perfect Man remains in it.
۱- Did the Perfect Man sleep with the lights off?

… Do you not see that when he shall cease to be present in it?
۲- How to see if the lights are off. How?

… and when the seal [on the treasury] of the lower world is broken, none of what the Reality preserved will endure and all of it will depart
۳- Departing is such sweet sorrow, esp. when the lower world seal is broken.

… each part thereof becoming reunited with every other part, [after which] the whole will be transferred to the Final Abode where Man the Perfect will be the seal forever.
۴- If forever is longer than the Final stretch, will the Abode abide by such elasticity?

Quotations (in bold) from Ibn Arabi‘s Bezel’s of Wisdom