the is and was of prose

What was prose?
– It was grandmother’s recipe book spilling devourable esoterica
– It was the poem stung with the immediacy to explain
– It was trying to speak of the spirit of the forest seeking endless play
– It was putting on paper the ensuing death of wonder
– It was the knot at the beginning and unlying of the knotted tie

What is prose?
– It is the pause before verse cuts its teeth on the veracity of the evidence of words
– It is an infought war of erudition between bankers and highbrows
– It is prepost-modern but not prepost-erous enough for armchair whimsy
– It is the wrangling at the tryst of what-happens, when-do-we-know and whatchamacallit
– It is the scramble for the poem, the want of it, the heat of knowing the want.

6 comments on “the is and was of prose

  1. adminclouds says:

    Scramble and heat. Wonderful choices or they chose you.

  2. UpChuckingwords says:

    Last line– perfection. Says it all.
    wonderful piece.

  3. Halbarbera says:

    It is, was and will always
    Be ……. prose!

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