Wordsmithing Saudade

A wistfulness that dare not name
its wist     an

unlonging uprooted with such force
you forget to

forget and long for the unlonged for –
get to the

nub of that which never happened     the
woolly womb

of the wound –

Mun brought up the word ‘Saudade’ while talking of hard-to-pin-down emotions and the dictionary of obscure sorrows.

There is definite wordsmithing in all of this, so I thought of writing my own take on Saudade. Because the words are there, the emotion is there (or is it?), and we can play.

12 comments on “Wordsmithing Saudade

  1. adminclouds says:

    Assurance that it will never happen again? Then why go on?

    • huzaifazoom says:

      As I hinted, there was something ornamental about this extended definition from npr.org (add to it the definitions in the ‘dictionary of obscure sorrows’ and this suspicion is confirmed). The poetic response I shot off was an attempt at countering ornament with the honest somberness of play.

      • adminclouds says:

        I just read the linked article. Pretty lame. So I see the fun in this.

        Reminds me of Russian “tosca’ “ which is a peculiar sort of longing. You’d have to be Russian to get it completely. Hang around them long enough and they’ll make you believe it, even without formally getting it.

      • huzaifazoom says:

        🙂 We could extend this experiment a step further, i.e, this countering of popular shallowness with a depthful play of words: assume something similar is at work in the larger culture, where the idioms for what is deemed admirable and what is to be pooh-pooed are set by a similar set of popular-ities thrust upon our sensibilities by the sheer and inane pervasiveness of the mass media. Then what Russians do with ‘tosca’ becomes not a quaint exception but the norm in the sense of Goebbel’s telling a lie often enough to make it true. Can we counter this one poem at a time? Perhaps not, but we can have fun while we die trying.

  2. mrsorenson says:

    ah. The sort of word and sort of poem that cannot but answer the question of why AI is shit.

  3. UpChuckingwords says:

    to the

    nub of that which never happened

    I think this particular line is so well crafted that it captures the emotion

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