Palestine: Fadwa Tuqan’s poems and data on women’s education

And here is my second attempt at bridging the three areas: poems, justice and data visualization. This time, it’s the Palestinian poet, Fadwa Tuqan, whose poems I have highlighted alongside some charts depicting the progress over the years on a number of women’s education indicators in the West Bank and Gaza.

(Earlier, I had used Audre Lorde and Muriel Rukeyser’s poems with gender data.)

One of the intentions of this exercise is to confound the categories: poetry and data. Of all things, it makes the least sense to compartmentalize poetry. Another thing I am attempting is calling out the patriarchal biases everywhere esp. when it comes to social justice where it again makes least sense. So in the case of poetry from Palestine, it is generally the males – esp. Mahmoud Darwish – who seem to stand in for all Palestinian poetry. The poems here by Fadwa Tuqan stand to correct this imbalance. Also, the indicators on women’s education in the West Bank and Gaza are quite encouraging.

7 comments on “Palestine: Fadwa Tuqan’s poems and data on women’s education

  1. adminclouds says:

    I can’t get it to interact. I’m assuming there’s more than 1poem, 1set of data. Or maybe I’m wrong

  2. Munira says:

    I love this so so much. Thank you for doing such beautiful things ❤

  3. adminclouds says:

    Net intake of 1st grade females %. Does that mean 75-85% of 1st graders are girls or of the potential 100% of girls only 75-85% are in school? If the first it begs the question of where are the boys? Lovely poems too. Frightful situation that seems to have no end.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      I understand it as the latter, i.e., “of the potential 100% of the girls, 75-85% are in school”. Even this %, going all the way up to 85% in the world’s largest open air prison, tells us so much of the resilience of the people.

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