Poet as antipoet

the de-struct-ed poem, whose cement
vies for wholedom,

its un-liver-ed masonry depleted as
bones ran out of

bone      to break song with song with
song as much as

the eye stains the gullible pen as much
as the pool of

ink stutters      did it matter then as it
doesn’t now?

9 comments on “Poet as antipoet

  1. Clever use of enjambment

  2. adminclouds says:

    I like the ending. Can’t help thinking I’d have made it longer. Maybe not to the best effect.
    Did it matter then as little as it doesn’t matter now.

    I think because I want the ending to last longer. Silly of me.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      🙂 That too could have worked. There is an arbitrariness to which I submit so much so that only after reading what I have written do I start making sense of the poem. Exact opposite of what I would do with prose where my fastidiousness (spillover most likely due to years of programming) compels endless revision even for the mundanest of messages. The poet dismisses all of that and lets it rip.

  3. words have strength. perfect poetry in every inch. each line. Greetings from Poland

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