where is my deep?

“a tethered bird longs for its forest, a pond fish for its deep waters”
– T’ao Ch’ien

no insight, and science remains a conspiracy
of facts     chuangtzu’s

monkeys scramble with feynman’s possibilities
till the broth rings

true     rumi underwrites his love of love
with a misanthropic

eye     do the monkeys scramble to sing a
better broth or do

they slip into hanumanhood?     this broth is
my deep my voice

9 comments on “where is my deep?

  1. Something
    on the stove bubbling
    The human soul
    for Nirvana
    … seeking
    The broth stirred
    by the infinite
    … searching

  2. UpChuckingwords says:

    the last line.. is absolutely perfect.

  3. Bhaswati Ghosh says:

    “Conspiracy of facts” is so good. šŸ™‚

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