iii pretenses

the fresh wound
     me to climb
     to sing      I

cannot tell whether the door is valid
     or if it just pretends to be near

spring pretends to know –
     the jar of heaven
     tells a tall story

I listen      the ink
     dries sooner than
     the parchment can

say goodbye      I listen –
     there is a night some
     where willing to

be stone      there is a
    need sometime to be –
    there is always time

an unflower pretends –
the grain of resistance
     slows down the intake
     of bloodalcohol

as you slump into an un
dead sea      you wake up
     to unknowns      we talk
     of blood, alcohol


4 comments on “iii pretenses

  1. The whole thing but the last stanza capped it (for me).

  2. An sunflower pretends…oh and even ‘the things that slip by…’ its raw and real

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