the wind as bard

the wind as bard    which
      where did the tincture
      burn the

slowest? the wind as bard
      noose gathers
      loss as sisters try to
      forget &


When everything everyone is either an
enemy or friend or both there is no
time to pause and hence all the more
reason to    pause    the violence

of mere being has its moments    the
gratitude of having been intrudes your
present    it wants to discover what
lies lie ahead that would soothe the

grit of being    of having been    of
wanting to be a little less afraid
than absolutely essential to get by
get along with friends enemies both

the will as voice    no
heed    none

which the rasp of life
bade well

this kiln where the ink
boils life

into verse    the will is
voice heeds


7 comments on “the wind as bard

  1. mrsorenson says:

    Hi zoom… This is a difficult poem, and I like the difficulty of it matching up to or leading me to the difficulty of the task taken as topic. Hard damn hard hell hard.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      A series of Audre Lorde poems came in to help: the difficulty of struggling to keep my voice from being internally silenced (or co-opted, which can be the same thing). She remains a true friend.

  2. kenza says:

    ا‬ ب پ‬ … Beautiful read and so much to ponder upon. Thank you. Kenza.

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