coming to voice

                                     is there an interpretive danger that
                                     calls my soul to yours yet
                                     spills out errors
                                     spells our errors?     yes     I have trussed up
                                     garbage and so I know, and
                                     so I know    you cannot come to voice until you say no

the farce is plentiful, beatific, solemn    its doorknob knows why you sleep
the poems of disneyland are churn
their premise
their promise
is neverland

6 comments on “coming to voice

  1. thotpurge says:

    the farce is plentiful, beatific, solemn …. and why not when reality chooses to be so horrific and ugly!

    • huzaifazoom says:

      Why not? Because there are those who have suffered and those who continue to suffer the same horror and ugliness (I would not say more than us as that implies a hierarchy of suffering, and we need to move from such comparisons), and yet their response is anything but a farce. There is a defiance that shines through and an imaginative space that is cleared up that needs to be acknowledged at the very minimum and lauded if possible.

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