let the sun seek its extraction

let the sun seek its extraction    let the
breadroot mull its worth

over millennial pointlessnesses    must all
convergences decide on

what should be left in and what remains
tangent? the fall of

exigency culls particulars, favors and then
a diminished vector

erupts    this is history’s kill, its element
of surprise & will

the small grab of my whisper

the small grab of my whisper as it
reaches out to unlimb itself   as
it straightens the stratagem into
belief   there are unmatches   these
are the firesticks that bedevil heaven

the small grab of my whisper as it
beckons the graze of the acorn   as
it straightens the strummer into
regret   there are unmatches   these
are the rudiments of a fire unmet

because the truth of voice has been
token   because the house that stained
worship was each father’s lie

because the red womb was worded
with steel’s reticence   the gut of
my jaw was worded with the violet

tint of being true   voiced in song
voiced in the parchment that bleeds
song perhaps to record   to restore

wall of insurrection

so my word has the wail
of an ancient

bird written on the wall
of insurrection

on the tail of becomings
on the tall

cusps that speak of a day
a year perhaps

that will might can must

the beached snail   the uptick
of machine

its harm   the flushed red of

all agreed we stand to rock the
boat all

agreed we sing this heaven to
naught and