quad quintuples

Nay, the storm of the windpipe has
frozen; aye, the green too saws
a toothed say   hushed turrets
rust us into thinking, “yes, this
must be another day,” as we perform

As a bonedigger grapples with
greendust, as the wool of my
eye has begun to greet a lashed
dream, the wires of touch kneel
& we open the hatches & weep

Ash greets the downspoken word
whetted the new spoon of love
grieves with the axes of space
space that mocks each point
of ash greets the downspoken

Woodmist callused into burr things
things of arid wear blurs that
soothe each acid ax smiling upon
things things reeds of rain eyes
of soothe eyes that speak woodmist

2 comments on “quad quintuples

  1. thotpurge says:

    II is especially lovely…

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