slosh of ink

lilt of the vocal pen as the 

  slosh of ink
  petals down
  the fall/sloshes

down as east reverses its
  scale, its 
  compass - 
  the fluff sets

16 comments on “slosh of ink

  1. skylar says:

    I have enjoyed all of your poems written in English since I began following you.

    This is my absolute favorite. It sings to me.

    Thank you for this one! Be well. And thank you for your support.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      Same here and would’ve liked to respond to some of your poems, but it seems you have hidden the comment box in some obscure corner 🙂 I culled about eight poems written over this past week after writing this one and then decided to post. Somehow it made sense. Thanks 🙂

      • skylar says:

        I promise to work today on opening myself to comments and see how it goes.

        Thank you for your kind response. I never realized how much work you put into your writing that this poem would be one of eight “this past week” – and then you decided to post. Your gift just flows so evenly from you that I’m surprised at the amount of work you put in. And yet they are all outstanding in their own way. Now I understand.

        You’re a fascinating poet. Again – Thank you!

      • huzaifazoom says:

        It’s an admittedly tricky thing – opening up to comments – and I can understand the hesitation.

        The culling is usually not as severe, but yes, the effortless poem remains a fleeting one. Again, I am flattered, and I look forward to more of your poems.

  2. mrsorenson says:

    The surprises in this poem are odd, then delightful, then natural and finally revealing, Very nice work.

  3. ihatepoetry says:

    This is so much fun to read. Thanks.

  4. thotpurge says:

    I’ve interpreted this as the oral poetry tradition taking on roles that written poetry has denounced…. thereby correcting the imbalance…????

    • huzaifazoom says:

      That is one possible interpretation. The mood was one of transfiguring: taking in what has been said and putting out what has never been said before. So yes, corrective in a sense.

  5. you honor the “slosh” so very well with your words– (as always)

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