the song prepares

in movement, the song prepares
to break its

peace with the architects of un
peace    in movement

the ink will never run out of
bleed    in movement

we  you  I are personal pre-nouns
attached to the

still core at the heart of re-move

In dream we subtle,
supple dare – and as the ink
of each morning graves a tender

Slide, moves, lives, meanders;
as the will of my eye slices
off each whiff of dream, we

Care subtle, supple & we dare –
in dream we meet again, again
as the whiles of yesterday end

as the harshness of word
formations create a ripple

of touch – as the mounds of
hate course through actual

pillars that are the past –
as we coax the sweaty now

to unveil, to be, to sing
along with the yet to be

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