A closeted riverbed speaks

how does my fondness for solving
the apparitioned problem

chime with the poem? the mis-
represented danger that

threatens: is it dark because it
is obscure or do you

smell a further abyss? cognition
is sensibility & the

problem will be solved as love
equates with the poem

& the burden of tangled knots
dissolves, overflows

the zone of the torrid

my X upon theta of whirl
lone gobs

are stunned into bellow
and I bind

A closeted riverbed 
           Come cut

The lower half and expand
Come    dress up this mar
With the green spiff cult

A closeted riverbed
           Come wit

4 comments on “A closeted riverbed speaks

  1. I smell a further abyss
    And jump! Nice complexities and weaving love. You always make me read through a few times — always so much there.

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