6 unpast presences – mauve & glue

Truth in relation, in the fulfilment
of tongues

Waging minimal war – how does relation
stand visavis

Curvature, or the agnostic premonition
that solves?

Truth in negation, in the crucible of
further, more.

These atoms have spoken the truth of blan k stares
this iron smoke away from the cloth of s park
this s poke of tremor
ball o f three falls in each forested rain
These atoms have spoken the th rust as if history

prismed to be unfree of dark/
chasm of my

lit night calls each name –
chime of my

unlit brothers, I solemn,
afraid, fly

divest me of all the filth and what
have you but

a storm of infinitesimal possibilities
natured into

a listless lie, the burnt out red pose,
a stooged 1

binarying as a flipped 0; divest me of
that and there is

none of this.

seep now this power stricken
sump of late of

magnanimous urgency to delay

seep now to gather what snow
weathered to

vet another rising distance –

In the unhindered ploughing so
desperate to feel noonbreath,
hindsleight and the unplush hum
of haste, there is this mauve &
glue binding each wave of must
to shall    we have terror, tenor

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