from factoids to theory

a new theory
if science, the life of facts, monotony,

dictation & sweet temper are as pale as
the mummified

non-betters, unmistakable spoons in the
cot of life,

where then is the sap but in individual
hells coppered

in observatories, primed pulp for atoms
to gorge out

a new theory.

factotum I
ten follicles
of hate
red with mask; ten
stipends giving
the state of being

hasten hark hem
here with
abandon; ten wishes
of hate
red with mask & being

factoid II

                  an angle in turn
 towards the inch that
burns away eclectic/un


           through the dark that is
           yours only when the ceaseless river

           through the dark that is
           plumbed in channels speaking animal

           through the dark that is
           visible as is the uncanny momentary