fragments of undiscovered song – II

Addendum to fragments of undiscovered song


To share my rust/fellow
                 tales of
                 far off
yesteryears pronged/lunged
                 to morrows
                 far off
to rust along with you/I
                 call tender

A new mist reminds that day is
but the child

of a further debt   what
seems is further

than night would want   what
the sunk deeds

of my river could want is not
even belief

in the archer’s eye   at the roof
of my furthest fruit.

This forever is tinier by comparison
        to the stillness
        it is larger

Than time, fuller in circumference if
        only in silence-
        that is because

the red of a bloated circle outdoes its
        white, the plenitude
        ignorant of each.