tremble as gather

to tremble is to gather
sight, plenitude of
   evidence – mostly ash but
   nonetheless mathematically

tractable, computable, function
of sense, eye and hiss –
   redeeming vision from talking
   too much, plagiarizing time

From the furthest away tranche you gather
   from the slant

Of the perched icicle you tremble   from
The least perceived

You ask if roar is hid   from the wiles of
A reeked air you beg

6 comments on “tremble as gather

  1. Love this : “tractable, computable, function
    of sense, eye and hiss”

    Can hear the hissss. And feel the tremble

  2. thotpurge says:

    plagiarizing time…oh I love that…

  3. chrisbkm says:

    Each of your poems seems a full plate. You seem to dance with the words. Stretching skyward, diving through earths easy crust, surfacing… with a satisfied smile on your face. A genuine pleasure to read.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      Tao is an old friend of mine, and I see that you two have met at some time as well. Taoists, the original (as far as available manuscripts go) anarchists (in the technical humane/power-dissipater sense) poohpooed ritual all the way back around 600 BC and laid in many ways the ground for us to dig in yet again. Thanks Chris for your lovely feedback 🙂

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