poet as solvent

to solve is
   change to bre
to leave a stone where the voice of water burns
   to solve is to bre
athe to mock the volume the sheer vapidity of 
You've already begun to chime when the straight line
geometers a 
    wrong circle and gasp; you've already
lost out two breaths in this circle

4 comments on “poet as solvent

  1. The breaks and structure of this is so perfect. I really like this piece, a lot.

  2. huzaifazoom says:

    There is no getting around structure it seems, and every honest attempt to thumb my nose at existing forms just hints at newer, inner ones. Thanks again Audra 🙂

  3. pscottier says:

    I like the question mark, avoiding too much certainty, and the way that haventyou seems to be retreating into itself.

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