the sense of running away from

breathe this rancid musk
Halting the mediterranean dew

Chisel of that rapid dark remembers
Why who where the river sank

Leaf gathers leaf gathers tangential
Moment – the why who where of rank

It is a sense of running away from

Running away from befriending the

Voice that palls your favor into
Ice   We can manage the past well

Into the cluttered sense of now, and
We run   away   from; there is a

Sense that speech is imperative as
Play and the sense too that if you run

Away from the burn-questions, what
Is speech but impediment; you task

The boar, its tusk is the viewpoint
That senses boredom and titillates as

You run away from; not all nods can
Be a yes; none can be the rod that

Settles down; plentitude of runnings
Away from, the statistical convergent

Hub of sense; not all gods can be a
Yes, none can be the lord that nestles

Into the bosom of catch and hearse, re
Hearing the steps that watch you run.

will we endear
the endeavor should
the cast

off be least expected when will the
unction be

bold whose preempted night shall
bleed and


4 comments on “the sense of running away from

  1. Cluttered sense of now..running and burying ourselves. Does it ever make sense? Wonderfully expressed here. I like this piece, it beckons for one to read again and think.

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