An unrehearsed speculation

An unrehearsed speculation can rely on authority for legitimacy for fear of being dismissed as nonsense. Or it can appeal to what is common to people, invites prose, idea of skin and sun. But doing so is difficult. Authority is easier to don for privilege and aspirants to privilege. An unrehearsed speculation can be a poem, or it can be a podium. It can even stand as prose. Is this an unrehearsed speculation? Is this prose or is this an idea of skin or sun?

I’ve held on to rasped herrings
cooled down

with summershadedspecatacles we
reviled the

sundown held with tender thrall
we callused

a slim victory over temporality
and dallied

The many streams of joy
– The many streams of joy, in their overflow, have been historically checked by the oppressive clasp of conformity: only the prescribed streams will do.
– While the prescribed streams are restricted to the privileged few, the common ways of the folk continue to desist, dissent, procreate in a million ways.
– Established art suffers from being disconnected from these myriad ways.
– In the twenty first century, established art suffers all the more simply because of the enormity of the chasm between the high and the low, between the hallowed and the myriad.
– Round about 600 BC, Lao Tsu advised, “know the high, but stick to the low.” Today, it seems only proper to ask, “why the fuck bother with the high at all?”

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