poet as response

as a point of solemn untaint    the repose    response of the valid call    intrinsic to the have-to   an urgent malediction    candor    clip of will    wit     assumptions of untaint

So you see the plastic dripping
in all crevices,

You see the hinges tweaking a
Sorry bent, you

Hear the laments and hurrahs, the
Pew-hymns and

Haw-hums grappling with an easy
Morning, and

You want to play, but the rules
Are rigged, yet

You want to play, and change the
Jagged strokes

Of verseforms that are immense
Yet sad, exact

Yet wrong, very wrong, and
You want to

Change the jagged strokes; set
It right now.

core meanders about the peripheral

where door meets plaster and the
rim of new

lets the spark of its steel mend
the ripped

On the caress of form – the

agreement to proact – on the

of form – the typology of

gavels hit on the noose of

3 comments on “poet as response

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Oh yes hehe… but I want to!

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