the danger in play

The danger in play is

and humor and touch
it goes

unannounced within an
arch, un

arched without totems

tyranny comes after

that pretend to agree

distorting the annals
of blood

letting tooth dissolve
into tooth

the fear of the sow speaks
umpteen dialects; where one word was     trained, another
   raw     turn of phrase, and

remember to count your decibels
making, marking sense; where one was     trained, another
   unwrought is unwringed, and

discount mind, freight of mind,
calm of the hind-mind as humor was un    trained, another
   hinges on its meaning,  and

the harmonium sings black currant soliloquies   better not to hum along   the parchment of trade is rife with mist and palacial tremble   better not to hum along   the sum and difference cancel veracity   they mumble a few anchors   past what is dead   past what is not accounted for   better not to hum along

3 comments on “the danger in play

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Why are you so brilliant all the time eh?

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