an ancient space

an ancient space opens up the
gist of now

welded paint on the sluiced
gap – an

ancient bill of mossiness –
ended guile

what is it about impossibility that
reeks of an infinite

solidarity what chime does the tooth
hold in isolation that

binds it to ignoble infinitesimals
a laudable truce a figurine

that burns violet sometimes all it
takes is a gritty simile

No I have not stalked the palm of the river
reed, not bade

a fervent bye nor sought addition, glut of
magnitude, sum

of remnants; no; I calculate the plum
depths and sew

tattered fragrances, mix enumerated
wholes as mist

we begin with the dream of night the
caress of avid

streams postulates intimacies all strumming
through frozen

antiquaries the beginning of time meshed
with terminal

detriti the bulbs of galvanizations arm
in bloody arm

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