a steady incipience

footsteps of the sun seek to
light up the way out of the

thick; each remembrance is
the echo of a million stars

coalesced; the stars are not
the footsteps that carve a

lighted niche: they are lit
up by the smile of child who

runs ahead of others; where
is the shroud of harm to contain

such joy? the sun has returned.

a steady incipience, margins

enamored of itself, crowd,
since, bun

of light, verisimilitude, a

a steady indulgence of cross

y emancipations, widgets of

to admit the river being spent   its mind full of pebbles  its art condensed into butterflies  we care to admit the river   its place long and full of antonyms  we stand to admit the river  its art condensed

2 comments on “a steady incipience

  1. thotpurge says:

    The river with a mind full of pebbles…memories full of starry echoes..footsteps full of sunshine…very similar verisimilitude!

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