the poem poses

Here there is a simpler explanation

By a fire entombed in a nether tepidity

Sooner than we could wish it born; here
Is that

Ancillary hope which precedes the beginning
Of time

the poem poses

the poem poses for a while midstream is
where nuance bodes a fire a river stone
bulge of neolithic shadows carve itches

of rumination lax halfhearts cusp of me
you and the terrific other show us this
leewayed path out of a nuanced ruminary

Now when it’s season, now when
The dime of willing

Has settled to bore, it runs –
Now when the bone

Runs dry, the season will turn
And say, “son of a

An unwilling god, why is there
Need to wish now?”

ounce of a pitter

The deepened stare
             gaze ounce of a pitter
    whiles   us to remove the lens
    wishes   us to prove the lemma

the flip
the absolute opposite of the
atomic grip

sieving its potent portent
and you rip

the sleeve that arms the mince
that bears

no brunt no grief no filament
that brews

& hahs

smitten by road its voice of
love endured/brief ly smitten by

trope its loss of move eyed/easy
ly smitten by the new its wish

of dove pieced/low ly smitten

2 comments on “the poem poses

  1. Reblogged this on Asherwolfkevin and commented:
    Poem of possible reality in this era of unknown destinies.

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