If the poem is reducible
to prose, then what do

You make of the hazardous
thimble, the currant of

Moses and the tram of reason,
unreason, unfavorable taunt?

2 comments on “Irreducibility

  1. AB says:

    However, more so,
    if a poem expands,
    into thousand books,
    each word allows
    a life to inspire,
    mountains move,
    tyrants perspire,
    a revolution revolves,
    humanity evolves,
    those are the words,
    worth endeavouring for,
    we may fail,
    fate may entail,
    dying in ditch,
    no one to stitch,
    those shreds called coffin,
    still hope pervails
    on a strawberry dale,
    before the ship sails,
    let’s create some magic…

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