reality as wiggles

to overrepresent the real is to map
           feel for the emotional charge behind nonsense feel too the map as it 
           guides your fingers along the crustacean's edge there is no ocean  
           except what is paper pen and a few wiggles

           the insular is this map the can of burn is suppressed in favor of 
           the image of hell this is perpendicular to fate perpendicular to the 
           motion of stars navigating paper & wiggles

           the overrepresented map gives nothing to imagination it takes charge 
           with an emotional plunk powdered with puff pull perpendicular to the 
           motion of stars - circumambulating wiggles
           at the point in history where the poet the artist the imagineer 
           became god at that very point something else conspired to teach the 
           fabric of reality a lesson in unreason in wiggles

           to give an encyclopaedia instead of insight is to bend light as it 
           enters your eye the fiction of the impossible is easier to bear than 
           the friction of reality - the bard and wiggles

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