Q & A

How to puncture the realtime
theatre of framed veracities

competing with an arrow’s feel
& glow? How to beat the hum

of this air of receding when
harm is wondering where to farm?

The most effective tool for
Words is the one I hanker

For in the forest of ink, the
Deathwell of distance and

Memory; that is where the sun
Wills and the waves affirm.

How to engage the sum
of nonsense? do you just
pitter the patter with a
pith of shoo? or do you

subsist in desisting? do
you fill the cup of brine
with a shave of hubris,
a clip of mauve and some

rubber? how to besiege this
shibboleth? do you preach
one geography and map another?
do you slip into a vow of

how and whatsoever, never?


The tug of dark is soot
    in this month 

Of cut and burn; it is
    a daily rite,

This cut, this howl of
    night, day, 

Sun, tendrils of tinder
    tender wisps.