the lives of an anchor


The lives of an anchor,
    five lives that are tethered

To dawn, four that sink
    at half past noon as masks of

Another dawn, appari
    tions, calculated to remember


Read the script of
  Callous scrolls - Brood

Of a languid horror, slim
  Recollection, resonance

Of a collage that flits a
  Bare hark, a bare heart


Augur the 
      Saint; she grows by
      Each measured

Cupful of 
      Taint; the brows of
      Shun hearings


I have taken the steeple full
  Of bees and

Shown it my way of receding 
  Heaven, and

You respond by flipping this 
  Myth; this 

Reason and variance; towards
  A season

Where hurt meets the creature
  of hurt


The plume of a hair 
The frump of a star

    Give it now an ample
    Push - the plush art


The tiny mourn
   is an

Outward inner
   seeking - a joy dis -

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