tiny riverbreath swells

each tiny riverbreath swells
somewhat tepid answers – being
small disqualifies pretence

of grandeur – answers that
cling to sense of smell, a
remembrance shaken – nay shocked –

off its incipience; the quell
of this riversense with tepid
answers will soothe no priest

nor arbiter of command, nor
collector of largesse, nor seeker
of larger truths that thrusts

thrushvoice with godtrust, loudspeak.

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4 comments on “tiny riverbreath swells

  1. Lola Elvy says:

    I like this one especially. The words themselves hold a great tactility here.

  2. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Huzaifa, Thank you for sharing your many wonderful poems throughout the year. They always make me stop and ponder. My best wishes for 2016, Melissa

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