The story of a forgotten want

The reminder is a double lack, a lack of being fully in the present and at the same time a lack of having left something essential behind. Filling out the now is as urgent a calling as reaching out for a more full yet-to-be. The wanting in both cases is lacking for want of remembrance.

The story of a forgotten
Want is deep in yesterday’s

Hell, knows how the crop gets
Swollen, how the knees will

Budge and hell shall muster
Up a croaking knell; to feel

The words swelling up your
Throat: an itch, a reminder.

4 comments on “The story of a forgotten want

  1. thotpurge says:

    maybe nothing is truly forgotten….

  2. Lola Elvy says:

    I like the contrast here between the verse, seemingly depicting a single scene, and the prefacing paragraph, describing instead a broader image.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      Thanks. I have been prefacing a number of pieces to give context. Sometimes the intro is more poetic than the poem 🙂

      • Lola Elvy says:

        The unexpectedness here of the prose preface being more broadly poetic, perhaps, and the verse poem being more of a narrative than its typically narrating prose counterpart creates a juxtaposition that works well to support the two pieces. Sometimes prose is more poetic than verse.

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